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HEAD TO HEART is for those brave enough to explore the content of their own hearts, longing to live a life deeply connected to themselves, to God, and to others. Popular author, speaker, and songwriter Christa Black Gifford and her Crossfit junkie and sage of a husband, Lucas Gifford, unzip their own hearts to discuss raw and vulnerable topics like death, sex, relationships, addiction, and depression as it pertains to spirituality and personal growth. Christa is the author of the #1 hit song 'One Thing Remains' and the author of two books, GOD LOVES UGLY and HEART MADE WHOLE, and Lucas is an exclusive life coach for influencers and businesspeople.
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May 9, 2016

Every heart on the planet has been broken.  But when emotional pain crashes inside, what do you do with the pain?  Broken hearts don't heal on their own---they must be introduced to love.  Each week for nine weeks, Christa and Lucas will be discussing one chapter of Christa's upcoming book, Heart Made Whole, starting this week with Chapter 1:  The Broken Heart.


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