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HEAD TO HEART is for those brave enough to explore the content of their own hearts, longing to live a life deeply connected to themselves, to God, and to others. Popular author, speaker, and songwriter Christa Black Gifford and her Crossfit junkie and sage of a husband, Lucas Gifford, unzip their own hearts to discuss raw and vulnerable topics like death, sex, relationships, addiction, and depression as it pertains to spirituality and personal growth. Christa is the author of the #1 hit song 'One Thing Remains' and the author of two books, GOD LOVES UGLY and HEART MADE WHOLE, and Lucas is an exclusive life coach for influencers and businesspeople.
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Jul 31, 2018

We did! We hosted our first ever retreat/experience.

In this episode we let in you in on all the things that went wrong so that everything could go right! From a hole in our roof to the intense anxiety of doing something we'd never done before.

In the end we showed up and you showed up and we learned a lot about what we are capable of when we show up in LOVE!

Jul 24, 2018


This week we go all the way in!

From what parts of the body we love to practices that have made our sex life amazing! We discuss the beauty, intimacies and discoveries we've made as we've pressed deeper into what fullness of sex in our marriage!

Jul 17, 2018

In this episode we bare all about our sexual legacy.

We discuss how religion helped us lose at sex, how our childhood informed our marital sexual troubles and we get into some pretty funny stories of getting caught while "making out" while we were dating.

Get ready though because we ask you to join in on the dialogue with yourself to explore your own sexual legacy and how you might be able to improve your own sex life!

Jul 10, 2018

We've taken you outside your religious world, now we're going to let you into our personal world. 

In this episode we get as real time as we ever have. 

I(Luke) went with my gut as we sat down to record this episode and asked Christa how she was feeling in the moment. 

What comes of this raw, vulnerable conversation is a couple choosing to find healing, transformation and awakening through infidelity, heartache, ownership, dedication and trusting that there is always light to be found within darkness. 


Jul 5, 2018

In this meditation Luke guides in a simple heart-focused gratitude meditation designed to help your body, mind, heart and emotions come into congruence. 

Be sure you are in a place that you won't be disturbed. Place both your feet on the ground and put you hands over your heart. Prepare to get connected!

Jul 3, 2018

After two years out we are coming out hot! In this episode we dig into the some our hard truth. 

If the truth sets us free then why don't feel free, live free or act free?

Are you free? Really free?

Or are you managing your issues? Have you resolved that you’re destined to live in a prison so you might as well decorate with some flowers and curtains? Do you dress up your cage to imitate freedom because you’re never really going to be free of your issues?

Or are you actually, legitimately free. Do you KNOW and are you experiencing a transformed life...for real? 

In this episode we take a look at what hasn't been working. We walk you through our stories and the steps we take on our journey towards freedom.